Calligraphy Class

Calligraphy gives us a feeling of peace and a chance to face ourselves.
Wrapped up in the scent of sumi, write the present honest emotion by using a writing brush.
When you feel pleasant for joy, the character would be full of life with spirit.
When you feel sad and hard, the character would be quietly appealing.
It is your own mental character born at the moment.
I offer lessons in English or Chinese to foreigners.

Please feel free to contact me.

What’s news

Calligraphy Experience in Kyoto

Experience the essence of Japan in the heart of its ancient capital!
Every Friday, Sat.16:30p.m.-21pm..

Calligraphy Experience in Kyoto

I offer 90 minutes Japanese culture experience course!!

Japanese Culture Experience

Chifumi Niimi Profile

新見知ふみ 写真

Born on July 7th. From childhood, I studied calligraphy, enjoying myself, sitting next to my mother who was a calligrapher. Studied calligraphy in FUDAN University in Shanghai in 1989, and in Peking University in 1990. After having worked for an airplane company, I have been in charge of Calligraphy teacher, a Chinese conversation teacher, and Chinese tea teacher at NHK Cultural Center. Presently in Kyoto, I am the leader of Niimi Calligraphy School, being in search in a new style of calligraphy, also paying attention to what we call Design Calligraphy.