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I learn calligraphy with balance.

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    Calligraphy Experience in Kyoto

    Experience the essence of Japan in the heart of its ancient capital!
    Every Friday, Sat.16:30p.m.-21pm..

    Calligraphy Experience in Kyoto

    I offer 90 minutes Japanese culture experience course!!

    Japanese Culture Experience

    Chifumi Niimi Profile

    新見知ふみ 写真

    Born on July 7th. From childhood, I studied calligraphy, enjoying myself, sitting next to my mother who was a calligrapher. Studied calligraphy in FUDAN University in Shanghai in 1989, and in Peking University in 1990. After having worked for an airplane company, I have been in charge of Calligraphy teacher, a Chinese conversation teacher, and Chinese tea teacher at NHK Cultural Center. Presently in Kyoto, I am the leader of Niimi Calligraphy School, being in search in a new style of calligraphy, also paying attention to what we call Design Calligraphy.

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