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【PRICE and COURSES】 ※Cash only

① 2 hours – Beginner long lesson/9,500yen
(includes small scroll paper and classic Japanese letter paper)

This course is for people who want to learn the basics of calligraphy and take a next step into deeper experience.
Practice basic lines and the kanji for a Japanese famous expression.
You will create a small calligraphy scroll of a Japanese expression on “yatsugiri” scroll paper, and a letter in your own language using “makigami” letter paper.

② 1 hour – Beginner short lesson/5,500yen
(includes quality board and mount, and classic Japanese letter paper)

This course is for people who want to learn the basics of calligraphy. It is especially good for tourists seeking an authentic experience of Shodo culture.
Practice brushing basic lines and learn several Kanji.
You will create a character on a beautiful paper board called “shikishi”, and a letter to friends in your own language using special “makigami” letter paper.

③ Kimono wearing and Experience Calligraphy lesson

(including casual tea ceremony at a chair seat)

③ 10 Hours – License acquisition and beginner’s course (including calligraphy tools)
You can acquire a basis of calligraphy in a short time and acquire a beginner’s course license.
A calligraphy scroll work will be completed and you can keep your work. If you are staying longer, you can arrange your schedule for having practice time, so please consult with the instructor about the time.
10 hours/75,000yen
You can also contact me about longer courses such as:
*License acquisition and intermediate course (20 hours)
*License acquisition and advanced course (30 hours)


Reservation is essential!

Please tell me your schedule.

Please email me to make a reservation. In your email please provide the following information:
1) All participants name
2) Gender of all participants
3) Nationality
4) What lesson you would like to do
5) Desired time of lesson
6) Number of all participants

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